Our Story

The dream of Hill Country Casitas Retreat & Resort began in early 2015, when the search for a flip house re-investment came up empty.  Instead, we found land we loved in Dripping Springs and decided to share this beautiful area with guests from near and far. We broke ground in March 2016. The first Casitas on The Row opened October 14, 2016. In eight months, we built 10 small houses! The Pavilion was added later that first year and The Retreat was built in 2018.


In 2016, Ron retired from a 33 year career in commercial construction, and the next year Mary retired from her 27 year career in non-profit administration. We met at a hill country dance hall and were later married in 2008. We have two grown children and love dogs, thus our dog friendly property.  Residents of Dripping Springs, TX for a long time, we welcome our guests to the land we love and our slice of the Texas Hill Country.

Mary McRoberts & Ron Turner

The Virgin Innkeeper
The Team
Careers at Hill Country Casitas

HCC Staff, from top left: Jordan - Assistant Facilities & Maintenance; Claire - Assistant Property Manager; Ron - Owner; Sol - cute kid/all around helper (Claire's son); Mary - Owner

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View from Bella Vista

The View looking back at The Casitas from hiking trails and Bella Vista

Hill Country Casitas - THE PLACE for romantic weekend getaways, family vacation accommodations and corporate meetings.