Three Dogs and a Rooster

July 14, 2016

My husband, Ron, and I have three large breed dogs. I had one, then we met, got married and wanted a puppy. Came home with two puppies because neither of us could separate ourselves from our favorites in the litter. Thus we have three dogs. My 83 year old father likes to say “everyone needs three big dawgs!” And I guess we do. Now we have three more! And a rooster. Sort of.


Ron and I are developing 13 acres in Dripping Springs, Texas, complete with ten small houses, or Casitas, that will be a country inn of sorts come September. So one might ask, among a thousand other questions, "how are you going to furnish ten small houses ranging from 400-900 square feet plus outdoor living space?" My first answer would be: sell your first born! But no, we discovered online garage sales.


Living in the beautiful and friendly Texas Hill Country, there are small communities dotted across the area. Each has its own culture and traditions. All love to sell crap. I mean gently used stuff. If you are lucky, you can find some winners…like my three dogs and the rooster.