From Scotland to Africa, it's Party Time!

July 24, 2017

Recently, Hill Country Casitas has become Party Central. And since we built it with a big party in mind, we could not be more thrilled. 


My Uncle Chuck passed away recently at the solid age of 91. He was a character, a quintessential "East Texas Land Man”. Highly opinionated with no filter…and a huge heart. He kept my brothers and me entertained all our lives with his humor, smart comments and colorful language. We simply loved him. His wife, my sweet Aunt Mary Lou, asked if she could bring the family together at the Casitas and have a simple memorial service there. I was very honored and said YES.


Being of Scottish descent, when someone dies you have a bagpiper play. It’s simple. It’s what we do. So I found a bagpiper from Austin and the service was set. My two brothers flew in from Virginia, my father (my Uncle’s brother) of course is here with us, and my cousin (Chuck’s son) and his family drove down from the Dallas area. Miss Polly Ann drove in from Houston. This side of the family was together for the first time since our wedding nine years ago.


We had a wonderful time together cooking, eating, drinking, laughing, and on the day of the memorial service, we read scripture, we told stories and we listened to the bagpipes. For us Scots, the bagpiper is tradition and brings us a great deal of comfort and reminds us of who we are, where we've been and what is to come. We are Clan Robertson. So the Pavilion was the setting for a farewell to a man who lived a full life, was generous (but you wouldn’t know it), was ornery (you knew that), had many faults, but did his best to love his people. And we loved him.