On the Map!

October 3, 2018

I just returned from a 2 week girls’ trip to Europe. Yes, I am a lucky, and grateful, girl! While staying near my beloved Pienza (my chosen Italian hometown), we made gnocchi and enjoyed a 7 course meal at the Andreucci Winery just outside of Pienza in southern Tuscany.


We were with a big group and had so much fun! The winemaker, Flavio, and his family have been making wine for more than 300 years on that particular land. His wife Laura is a gem and was a gracious host.







Towards the end of the evening, Flavio learned that I was from Texas, specifically Dripping Springs. He raised an eyebrow and smiled. He, this Tuscan man, knew Dripping Springs, TX. So I asked him how he knew the Drip, and get this – his winery, Andreucci Wines, recently opened a tasting room, with his amazing Italian wines, just down the road in Fredericksburg. WOW! Small world? And he loves his Stetson he bought on his last trip.


As we talked, I learned that he is also opening a winery on Hwy 290 at the corner of the Becker Winery road. Again, wow! I asked if it would be a true winery, making wine, and of course, no. He will import his Italian made wines and sell them at the “winery”. Fine by me, they are amazing – Chianti, Rosso di Montalcino, the famous Brunello and Nobile di Montepulciano…oh and a wonderful Prosecco to name a few. My friends and I had a great, and silly, time at the group dinner.