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Get Ready for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse at Hill Country Casitas!

Prepare to be awed by the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024 in Dripping Springs, TX, set to last an impressive 3 minutes and 11 seconds.

As the Moon gradually positions itself between the Earth and the Sun, daylight will give way to an almost surreal darkness. As this happens, onlookers will be able to witness the Sun's radiant Corona on display around the Moon's silhouette.

A total solar eclipse.

This rare event is guaranteed to attract both seasoned stargazers (sungazers? ha!) and curious observers alike, who will gather and witness this fleeting spectacle in the sky.

It's a moment in history that will create lasting memories for those fortunate enough to witness this harmonious alignment in the sky, with the scenic beauty of the Texas Hill Country as a backdrop.

What is a Total Solar Eclipse?

A Total Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, completely obscuring the Sun's light from our view here on Earth. This phenomenon happens because the apparent size of the Moon and the Sun in the sky are similar, allowing the Moon to perfectly cover the Sun.

As a result, the area directly under the Moon's shadow on Earth experiences complete darkness for a brief period of time, typically lasting several minutes in the Path of Totality. This provides a unique opportunity to observe the Sun's Corona, the outermost layer of its atmosphere, which is usually hidden by the Sun's intense glare.

Total Solar Eclipses are rare, often a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event that draws the attention of people worldwide.

Read NASA’s overview about the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse here.

Make Your Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Memorable

For a memorable experience during a Total Solar Eclipse, there are a few items to consider:

  • If traveling to see the Eclipse, book your lodging NOW, as most properties are booked or close to capacity.

  • Patience and Excitement! Our roads and restaurants will be congested, so plan ahead, come prepared, and have a blast experiencing this phenomenon in Dripping Springs, Texas!

  • Certified protective eyewear is crucial to have in order to safely view the Eclipse without harming your eyes. Protective eyewear can be purchased on-line (for ex. Amazon). These specialty glasses do have a shelf-life, so don't buy yours too early.

  • Camera (with proper filter) and Tripod to capture the Eclipse's phases

  • Binoculars or Telescope with proper solar filters to enhance your viewing experience

  • Eclipse apps and resources for information on the Eclipse and to track the Eclipse's progress:

  • City of Dripping Springs

  • Eclipse Map - Time and Date

  • Texas Hill Country Eclipse Info

  • All about Eclipses- - can purchase glasses too

Stay at Hill Country Casitas for an EXCLUSIVE Total Solar Eclipse package!

Hill Country Casitas is offering a 4-night package for an adventurous group – DETAILS HERE. Wide Open Texas Hill Country Sky with 13 acres all to yourself. This is only available for a limited time, and the Total Solar Eclipse is a rare occurrence - so gather family and friends today. Individual Reservations will be offered late Fall 2023, if available.

Mary McRoberts


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