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Kids in The Country!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Many people see a getaway to the Texas Hill Country as a perfect option for couples and romance or adult friends and good times. YES! They are correct. Dripping Springs is also known as Drinking Springs! Dozens of wineries, breweries and distilleries. We could write books about all those good times.

But what about families with younger children? When we opened The Casitas, we did have some anxiety wondering what kids were going to do all weekend at our new property.

Well, I can honestly say that Hill Country Casitas is FUN for kids.

When we developed The Casitas in 2016, I have to admit that catering to kids was not at the top of our minds. However, guests with children changed our total outlook.

Our Casitas do not have television. Why? It was a philosophical decision based on….take a break from the idiot box! Enjoy the hill country. Reconnect. Talk to each other. Play a game together. Go hiking. And families did just that on their hill country getaway.

Our families, time and time again, said, “Thank you for not putting TVs in the Casitas!”. It worked. Families who rarely have time, dedicate time, to one another, found that the Casitas provided the perfect environment to do just that. Kids have 13 acres to safely explore and do many outdoor activities, such as:

· They find cool rocks, maybe a fossil

· They play volleyball or soccer

· They cook s/mores by the fire

· They splash their way down the wet weather creek. They swim in the pool and swing at the playscape.

· They hike up to Bella Vista and try to find THEIR Casita in the hills looking back

· They seek out colorful birds. Read all about bird watching here.

· They breathe fresh country air!

· They use their smart phones (yes, the dreaded device) and a free stargazing app and identify constellations at night - stars they’ve only heard about in school.

Close-by, families also enjoy ziplining in Wimberley, hitting a local swimming hole or state park and playing putt-putt or pickleball at Dreamland in Dripping Springs.

Back to smart phones. Some tech you just have to have. Our amenities include High-speed Wi-Fi allowing guests to do work that needs to be done, catch up with family and friends, and even the kids get some sacred screen time.

As we wind up Spring Break in Texas (a quasi-state holiday), our families are letting us know how much fun they had and their gratefulness. We are grateful for them, and their kiddos! Bring on summer vacations!

And don’t forget that much needed and celebrated family reunion. Kids of all ages have a blast at The Casitas! 512.829.1558

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