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Our First Celebrity!

We had our first celebrity stay at the Casitas! Well, actually our first celebrity guest was really the most talented and amazing singer-songwriter Drew Womack back in October. But just the other weekend, we had Hollywood. Yes siree! Now, he wasn’t Brad Pitt. He wasn’t Harry Connick, Jr – love Harry! In fact, most folks won’t recognize his name. I didn’t for sure, but that’s not saying much because I get an F in pop culture. My low grade is due in part to my advanced age, but also due to my chosen sheltered world of Texas Country Music, college football, NCIS (all varieties), Bachelor/Bachelorette and Designated Survivor.

So how did I know he was a “celeb”? Well, their registered address was a little town in Hollywood. And who lives in Hollywood unless you are in the business, right? His sweet wife, I learned upon checking them in, is a small town New England girl. So, why would she live in Hollywood unless HE was in the business? Exactly. I am that brilliant.

Next comes GOOGLE. After just a few hits, I find presumably his father or uncle – looks just like my guy, but a generation older? Then, wa-la! There he is – a great pic and big article about his latest work on a hit TV series. He writes the music, and it is good. His work is getting rave reviews. While I don’t watch the show (reference 1st paragraph), most of my friends do. And even they know the music! Cue: Netflix. I will watch it now!

Because they were from “out of town”, aka not from Texas, they wanted some insight in to attractions and restaurants, so I was "Isabella" for the weekend. Isabella is an amazing, smart, talented, passionate woman who runs an Agriturismo (her family's working farm that provides guest accommodations) in Pienza, Italy, located in Southern Tuscany, where I have been fortunate to spend some time.

Isabella (on far left in pic), with her copious amount of patience, helps all us Pazza Americanas (crazy American women) with our many special needs while at Cretaiole. Anyway, I learned from the best: Isabella Moricciani. So I spent a lot of time prior to their arrival and then during their visit helping them out with various things, items and arrangements. They were always so daggon nice. I loved them before I met them.

Now I know everyone wants a big story with the hot actor and “what is he really like?”….but no. I’ll take my guy any day. My guy was kind, generous with compliments and thoughts, and his family was the kind of family you want in your life. They were in town for a friend’s wedding. I was lucky to catch them loading up the morning they left. My guy says with an honest and gracious smile, “hey Mary, thanks for everything.” He extends his arm toward the hills and the fog that was just lifting from our valley, and he said “this place is a dream.”

Our Casitas are a dream. A dream come true. And that dream is made alive and real by people like my guy, my celebrity. I look forward to the day he and his sweet family return as promised.

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