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Non-profit Exec Becomes an Innkeeper

Every day, stable and mentally well adults change careers, fields, industries. I just never thought I would. And yes, the assumption is that I'm mentally well. My doc says I am. I think my friends would say yes. Not sure about my husband, but that sweetheart would never criticize. Yet.

I have enjoyed a remarkable and rewarding career in the non-profit, human service industry. As a college graduate many, many years ago, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to do something worthy and feel good about my accomplishments at the end of the day, and maybe even help people along the way. I got that from my dear Mom, God bless her! She was a public school teacher and would run the United Way Campaign at her school. When I graduated college (GO HOKIES!), she handed me the agency brochure listing all the worthy organizations that would benefit. I zeroed in on the senior centers - I like old people. Thus began the career that is about to end.

I managed a senior center, a family resource center, a free clinic and finally found my true love 14 years ago: Boys & Girls Clubs. While my blood will always "bleed blue" for the Clubs, I've found a new calling. INNKEEPER. And I know nothing. Not a thing. What keeps me up at night? Pillows. What kind? firm, feather? Sheets...what kind? what thread count? What's an OTA? What's a channel manager? Commissions? And it goes on and on and on. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!!

So, join me on this adventure of the Virgin Innkeeper. It won't be dull. And will probably require good wine.

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