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A Day in the Life of the Virgin Innkeeper

Friends ask me what my day looks like as The Virgin Innkeeper, or what I do all day. Well, I work every day, not 5 or 6 days a week, but 7. I'm not complaining, it's just a fact.

Today (Sunday), we made a breakfast taco buffet for 27 guests. They loved it. We then deep cleaned the Pavilion kitchen, and I organized the cabinets. Then I responded to a bride that lives in Alaska that is interested in having her wedding at our place in January. Then I wrote a blib for the paper to go with our ribbon cutting photo and business announcement.

Then I hooked up with Ronnie in maintenance (yes, when my husband Ron is "doing maintenance", we call him Ronnie), and we hit all 10 Casitas and cleaned 18 air filters, the blades and globes of 18 ceiling fans and stocked the fridges with water. One guest left us a 12 pack of Lonestar Light. Those are my favorite guests.

Then I folded some laundry. Then I did some high finance to see what bills we can pay this week. Then we came home, and I worked on our website (a never ending task), then I had to take another bath to try out yet another bath salt for The Pauline, our Luxury One Bedroom with an amazing soaking tub.

Is it sad that I can't tell the difference between the two bath salts I tried? Or that I couldn't tell that there were even bath salts in the water? Oh my... now I am responding to a guest that left a personal item in her Casita.

Who knows what else I will do over the next three hours before dinner, but I know that I am about to open a yummy Dry Creek Valley red wine.


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