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One year later and still standing

My husband, Ron, and I basically jumped off a cliff with a thin rope in the summer of 2015 when we bought 13 acres of raw land in the Texas Hill Country. We then borrowed a crap load of money and built a village, or 10 Casitas, that are now a retreat destination called Hill Country Casitas. We opened our first Casita to a paying guest (key = paying guest), on October 15, 2016. We just passed our one year anniversary of serving guests. And we are still standing.

What did we do to celebrate? Nothing. Except thanked God that we are still standing. We thought about throwing a party, but who has the funds for that? Maybe for the 2nd Anniversary! But we learned a lot this first year. So here it goes, the top 10 things Mary & Ron learned their first year in business as Innkeepers. Drum Roll???

#10 Television is not required

#9 Some guests would rather not do dishes; it’s their prerogative

#8 Everyone needs some Casita Time, especially city folk (I think we knew this one, but got confirmation)

#7 Sometimes Cash Flow Statements are needed on a weekly basis, not for the next 12-18 months

#6 Texas desert flowers are amazing and multiply and grow in the oddest places

texas wild flowers

#5 Simple design works

#4 Young kids (and adults) can unplug and have fun too

#3 Two Words: Google Analytics

#2 In Dripping Springs TX, you can start a business not knowing what the heck you are doing, and there is always someone there to help you


#1 A guest’s cologne can linger in a Casita for an entire year

Here’s to many more years!! Cheers! And our heartfelt thanks to all our family, friends and colleagues – all with whom this first would not be possible.

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