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On the Map!

I just returned from a 2 week girls’ trip to Europe. Yes, I am a lucky, and grateful, girl! While staying near my beloved Pienza (my chosen Italian hometown), we made gnocchi and enjoyed a 7 course meal at the Andreucci Winery just outside of Pienza in southern Tuscany.

My friends and me at Tenimenti Andreucci near Pienza Italy

We were with a big group and had so much fun! The winemaker, Flavio, and his family have been making wine for more than 300 years on that particular land. His wife Laura is a gem and was a gracious host.

Zucchini flower!

Towards the end of the evening, Flavio learned that I was from Texas, specifically Dripping Springs. He raised an eyebrow and smiled. He, this Tuscan man, knew Dripping Springs, TX. So I asked him how he knew the Drip, and get this – his winery, Andreucci Wines, recently opened a tasting room, with his amazing Italian wines, just down the road in Fredericksburg. WOW! Small world? And he loves his Stetson he bought on his last trip.

As we talked, I learned that he is also opening a winery on Hwy 290 at the corner of the Becker Winery road. Again, wow! I asked if it would be a true winery, making wine, and of course, no. He will import his Italian made wines and sell them at the “winery”. Fine by me, they are amazing – Chianti, Rosso di Montalcino, the famous Brunello and Nobile di Montepulciano…oh and a wonderful Prosecco to name a few. My friends and I had a great, and silly, time at the group dinner.

What hit me and left me in awe, is that our little wine country region of the Texas Hill Country is ON THE MAP. Flavio chose the Hwy 290 Wine Trail because of its impressive presence in America’s wine country and its current and future growth potential. Just last year, I heard there were 28 winery permits filed each month for the Hwy 290 wine trail. Each time we drive down that way, which is often, we see new wineries popping up. Breweries too! We would appreciate some restaurants, hint, hint….

Obviously, an Italian family making wine for over 300 years is substantial and noteworthy. For that family to invest so substantially in our area just down the road from Dripping Springs, Texas, is amazing to me.

Everyone knows I love my Texas wineries, especially Hawk’s Shadow across the street from the Casitas. Now there will be so much more to love as our wine region becomes truly international. We are ON THE MAP! Congrats Texas Wine!

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