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And The Road Goes On Forever....

Whew! It's been a while. This Blog platform has been yelling at me for some time since my last post was....ummm...a really long time ago. So here we go!

I wanted to write about our experience with the Pandemic, but that's for another day. I'm so over it. I'd rather talk about Texas Country Music! ;) Sing it with me.... "And the road goes on forever, AND THE PARTY NEVER ENDS!" Don't know it? Google it.

As you may know, back in 2019, we named our Casitas. Some were named in honor of our friends, and some were named for a few of our favorite Texas Country artists. Outside of Texas, yall might call the music genre, "Americana". Some call it Outlaw Music. In any case, for Ron and me, it is our go-to, we know we are home, music.

The Willie, a studio Casita at Hill Country Casitas

I'm sure everyone has heard of the legendary Willie Nelson. He is beloved by millions of Texans, not to mention, millions more people around the world. This is true, but for us he is not only loved, he is family. We know his stories. We know his voice with only one word spoken or sung. We know of his real family - his sister, his kids. He is just plain special to us. His songs play in our heart. At 89 years young, he is still touring. Pre-pandemic, we would see him play one or two times a year. He still has a home not far from the Casitas, and his family, for the most part, still resides in our part of the world. He is one of us. So, one of our Premium Studio Casitas, #4, is called The Willie. We picked this one for him because it is a high quality yet humble structure, but amazing and warm, like Willie.

The Townes, a studio Casita at Hill Country Casitas

Not many people, outside of die-hard American and Outlaw music fans, have even heard of Townes Van Zandt. Townes was a gifted and talented songwriter, yet troubled man, that died way too young. He wrote many songs you know by heart, like "Pancho and Lefty" that Merle Haggard recorded as well as Willie and many others. There is a wonderful documentary out there on the life and work of Townes that a friend showed me when I moved back to Texas in 2005. I became a Townes fan that night. I chose Casita #5 to be The Townes, because it is in the middle of The Row, where his friends will always surround him.

The Robert Earl, a studio Casita at Hill Country Casitas

Our last Casita on The Texas Music Row is #6, The Robert Earl. Named after singer/songwriter Robert Earl Keen, #6 stands front and center facing the volleyball court and pool, reminding me of Robert Earl on the stage. His songs take us to happy places, like the gulf coast, the hill country or our favorite dance hall. Robert Earl is typically our cocktail hour and/or cooking dinner soundtrack. We love Robert Earl and see him play several times a year at local spots. He may be the only artist, ever, that plays a Christmas song in July to a standing ovation with thousands of people that know and sing every word: "Merry Christmas from the Family". Not familiar? Check it out! Enjoy and laugh a little.

There are many more Texas artists that we LOVE. Jerry Jeff Walker (RIP), Lyle Lovett, Cory Morrow and so many more. One day, we will find a place to honor and keep them close to us too. Because with Texas Country Music....the road goes on forever... AND....the party never ends!

Question: Do people, outside of Texas, call their favorite musical artists by their first name? Willie has always been "Willie" to me, never Willie Nelson. And the same with all the others. I'm curious....

NOTE: Compliments to our favorite metal artist and good friend, Robert McKay and MAC Design-Build, for the beautiful metal work on our Casita names and numbers.

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